Quinn's cute hat from Glee

I love Glee! And this week I was thrilled by the "must have cute" hat Quinn was wearing in the first minutes (right after Sue-icide).

I have been fooling around with some yarn and I am pretty pleased with the hat that emerged.

For all you people out there who also "must have" this hat, here is the pattern:

Quinn's cute hat:
Ravelry pattern page: linkiedink rav


6mm dpns (or if you prefer wire that's okay too)
Hat is worked on unusual needles for this yarn thickness, but it will give the hat some firmness.

5mm crochethook

2 skeins of Drops Eskimo in colour 050 (burgundy red)
Or 100-150 meters of any Super Bulky thread

1. Co 71 st (81 for med), join round. Place marker for beginning of round. If working with dpns: co 18-17-18-18. (21-20-20-20)

Work in Herringbone rib for 8 rounds, or more if desired. 
Herringbone rib:
R1: k1, *yo,slip 1 st pwise wyb, k2, pass slipped stitch over both knit st* repeat between ** till end of round. 
R2: * k2, pass them both back to left needle, pass 3rd stitch over both st, pass st back to right needle, yo* repeat between ** till end of round, k1
The first row starts with the extra stitch and the second row ends with the extra stitch, that way the yo shifts. Otherwise you will have visible holes..

Don't forget the yo otherwise you will be decreasing!
2. Purl 1 round, purl last two stitches together, now you have 70 (80) st.
3. ktbl1,p1 rib for 20 rounds. (ktbl= knit through the back loop. Insert needle in back of st.)

4. Shift st, so that every round starts with purl st. This can easily be achieved by shifting every first ktbl st to left needle if working on dpns. Or shifting marker one place backwards if working on wire.
5. Place marker after every tenth st. The last st before marker is an ktbl st. 

6.K2tog before every marker, working p1, 1ktbl rib for the rest of the round
Next round will not have decreases, it will just be worked in rib.
Do this twice. So: decrease round, pattern round, decrease round, pattern round.
7. Then k2tog before marker every round till 14 (16)st remain
8. K2tog repeat till 7 (8)st remain 

9. Knit all stitches 2 rounds,this will create the little point. 
10. Cut thread, pull trough all the remaining stitches using a crochet needle, pull close from the inside. Weave in ends.
11. Make crochet flower or other applique, here is one example using 5 mm hook:
Crochet flower/ Star:
 Ch 3, join to make ring with sl st. 
Round 1: ch2 (count as hdc), 9 hdc in ring, sl st to second ch of beg. ch2. 
Round 2: *ch3, skip 1 hdc, sc in next hdc*. Repeat from * around ending with sl st to previous joining st. (5 ch loops) 
Round 3: *3 dc in next ch3 loop, ch2, 3 dc in same ch3 loop, sc in next sc.* Repeat from * around, ending with sl st to previous joining st. 
Sew on side of hat.

Block (give it a little soak in special wool detergent, squeeze out water gently, roll up in towel, step on towel with hat in it for a bit, remove towel, pull in shape, if possible drape over bowl or other dome, let dry)

and wear with Glee :)

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